Holding On by Disclosure (feat. Gregory Porter) Review

On the 26th of May, Disclosure released their new single featuring jazz vocalist Gregory Porter. Porter is most famous for his 2014 album Liquid Spirit which subsequently won him a Grammy for best vocal jazz album. Disclosure is an electronic pop duo most known for their single Latch sung by the newly popular singer Sam Smith. Along with Porter they have created a track that puts a funky spin on the House sub-genre.

When it comes to the backing track of this song, the underlying beat doesn’t change but the top layers do. It’s clear that the song is leading to the lyrics ‘shake it’ and ‘it keeps holding on’, however these parts do not change very much at all which lulls the listener into thinking there will be change rather than continuity. If these parts went on any longer than they do they would get to repetitive, however they end just as you wonder when they’ll hurry up and end. The same can’t be said for the introduction to the song lasting 1:17, although Disclosure use contrasting computerised sounds it just drags on a little too much. As usual, Disclosure seamlessly transition from one great musical idea to another, a talent they definitely have a natural ear for.

For someone who has not heard Gregory Porter’s music before, I was extremely impressed by his smooth baritone voice. It is unfortunate that this particular song only has two verses with his unaltered voice, although you can’t expect much more from a collaboration such as this one. Every note this vocalist utters is absolutely flawless and his tone completely melts the ears. He is definitely worth some musical investigation.

This song has its downfalls, needing either less instrumental time or this time needs to include larger contrasts. These larger contrasts could have also been used a build up to a climax to give the song some real punch, but instead the song is fairly monotone. The redeeming qualities of this track are Disclosure’s flawless electronic mixing skills and Porter’s beautiful baritone voice. For these reasons I’m giving the song a 6/10.


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