Runnin’ (Lose It All) by Naughty Boy (feat. Beyoncé and Arrow Benjamin) Review

Released on the eighteenth of September, this single introduces a new voice to the ever-diversifying pop scene, Arrow Benjamin. Written by Arrow himself, landing a duet with Beyoncé on a Naughty Boy produced track is certainly an explosive way to burst into the pop music sphere. The first single from the UK producer Naughty Boy’s latest album definitely has elements of deep house and, of course, British Dance Music.

What really stands out about this track is undoubtedly its music video. Directed by Charlie Robins, it portrays a couple struggling to find each other in a typical boy-meets-girl romance. The kicker is, it was filmed underwater. This fantastic idea gives a visual depiction of the echo and reverb techniques used in the music which conveys an open vulnerability.

When it comes to the vocals, both Beyoncé and Arrow nail their respective parts. Beyoncé’s use of an airy tone on the lyrics ‘chasing you’ gives the song a fragility that only a singer of her calibre could muster. Another great thing about Beyoncé’s vocals occurs at the end of the first verse on the lyrics ‘I got you’, where the melodic phrase ends on the third. This is fantastic because it provides an ethereal sound that goes perfectly with the underwater theme. Arrow Benjamin’s tone was a great surprise, with a husky soulful tone. Although his intonation and vocal gymnastics weren’t as accurate as Beyoncé’s, it suited the lyrics and was a good match for her wide vibrato.

The music for this track worked quite well. The echo and reverb effects as well as the sparse piano chords on the first verse were an excellent choice for portraying the vast space that separated the lovers in the story. Unlike many songs of the dance genre, there was not a constant dance beat, instead it was slowly introduced in the second verse. My only criticism regarding this song is that it felt like it didn’t really go anywhere. This was probably due to the fact that it was quite a short song, if it had another chorus with Beyoncé and Arrow singing in harmony it would have solved both issues.

Overall, this track is great and I only had one criticism. I’m giving it 9/10.


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