Sugar (featuring Francesco Yates) by Robin Schulz Review

German DJ Robin Schulz released his new single Sugar in Australia on the 25th of September and so far it has rocketed to number 11 in Australia. The dance track features Francesco Yates, a smooth Canadian singer-songwriter whose forays into pop and R&B are relatively unknown in Australia. One thing that can’t be denied about this song is that it is definitely dance-worthy.

With a repetitive and relatively unchanged energy levels the track will certainly do well in its category. However, musically it does lack sophistication. The guitar hook (which is again played over and over throughout the song) consists mainly of broken chords, and although it works with the rest of the track, ultimately it’s what let it down. The opportunity to make this guitar hook super catchy with enough groove to make learners pick up a guitar and try to play it was completely lost. That is why, even though it will undoubtedly do well in the dance scene it won’t make it any farther.

When it came to the vocals, Francesco Yates killed it. Although he doesn’t have much power in his voice, his smooth Michael Jackson-like tone lifted the song from a C+ to a B. I also loved his gritty rendition of the lyrics ‘and if you get burned baby don’t be surprised’.

Overall, I think this song just lacked that little bit of extra catchiness and interest. It could’ve been resolved by working with a different riff, as well as utilising silence instead of having instruments playing something all the time. For this reason I’m giving it a 6/10.


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