Alive by Sia Review

The second single from pop superstar Sia’s next album This Is Acting was released on the 25 of September. As you would expect, the song has skyrocketed upon its unveiling which is no surprise since it was co1written by Adele and Tobias Jesso Jr. Don’t get too excited though, this song is nowhere near the callibre of her single Chandelier. 

There are a  couple of good points to discuss about the composition of this track. Firstly, the staccato notes in the backing music that lead up to the chorus are a fantastic contrast to the long notes in the melodic phrase ‘I’m alive’. This sort of contrast goes back to the classical music era and I am very pleased it’s making a comeback, because it makes songs so interesting and memorable. Secondly, the use of a dominant function chord at the end of the third verse was great. It’s just enough of a twist to get the listener interested but not enough to be too strange or alien.

When it comes to the vocals, no mere mortal such as you or I could compete with the glory that is Sia. Not only is her intonation great when she leaps from a low to a high note, but she knows the exact right me moment to use her signature crackling tone. This track is no exception, and the only fault that I could really find in her delivery was that she went from zero to ten too quickly, so when the climax of the song happened she had already been at ten for the past minute.

If Sia had used a little more light and shade, rather than heavy and dark, this song would have been an absolute ripper that would have rivalled her Chandelier and Titanium. With the song brilliantly written and her almost flawless delivery, I’m going to give this one an 8/10.


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