Hello by Adele Review

With over 22 million views on Vevo in under two days, Adele’s latest single Hello has soared through the charts, and rightly so. Announced on the 22nd and released a day later, the talented British singer has produced another of her famous power ballads. Co-written by Greg Kurstin, the track takes on a slightly different tone to Adele’s previous forays into composing emotional love songs. Self-forgiveness is a major theme for the singer-songwriter in the single, and will be for her next album 25 which will be released on the 20th of November.

The music video in itself is a fantastic achievement, being the first music video filmed with IMAX cameras. Directed by Canadian Xavier Dolan, it stars Tristan Wilds and Adele herself, depicting some picturesque Montreal scenery. Interestingly, it was completely filmed in black and white. A great move from Dolan, as it reflects the lyrics and the heartbreaking message they portray.

As you would expect, the vocals for this track are absolutely flawless. With Adele’s smokey tone and excellent phrasing you just can’t go wrong! The little tid-bits that really stood out for me were the regular and equal rhythm used on the lyrics ‘hello from the outside’ and her outstanding vocal control in her higher register in the bridge (just after the second chorus). To me, the equal rhythm really emphasised those particular lyrics and her soaring ohs lifted the song to the next level.

Although Adele’s vocals don’t built up to a climax, the music does. The subtle introduction of the beat in the second verse coupled with the addition of backing vocals in the second chorus ensure that the song does go somewhere and does take the listener along a musical path towards a dramatic but fitting conclusion. What was also interesting in regards to the music of Hello was the addition of sample action sounds to the first half of the track. In the clip for the song, we see Adele making herself a cup of what we presume is tea (she is English after all), and the sounds that go along with this process are included in the background of the music. This isn’t something you come across very often in music videos, so it’s inclusion is a surprise.

All in all, the song is a fantastic love ballad. Although the tune isn’t catchy and the music isn’t groovy it does portray some very raw emotion and builds to a subtle climax. Since I really have no idea how this track could be improved, I’m giving this one 10/10.


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