Monday by Matt Corby Review

Released on the first of October, Monday is by far one of Corby’s most creative works. The former Australian Idol contestant has grown in maturity and creativity since his musical debut on the show, with two ARIA wins under his belt as well as four EPs.  In his talk with Triple J, the singer-songwriter has described the song as ‘pretty honest’ with every sound in the song being made by him without help from any musical instrument. This a cappella track is absolutely great to hear in the popular music idiom.

As you would hope in an a cappella track, the harmonies Corby employs are really interesting with the unsteady intonation making dissonances even more tense. One thing that confused me was whether a chorus effect was used or whether Corby recorded multiple layers of the same melody. The fact that I was unable to tell which was utilised probably says wonders about the singer’s ability as well as the production team. What I would really love to hear is the same techniques but with a haunting theme. I think Corby could do an absolutely brilliant job on a project like that.

When it comes to his vocals, Corby’s falsetto is good but could do with some work. Like many soulful artists his vibrato is wider than most which just adds to the feelings of tension and resolution. I would also love to hear more of Corby’s lower range because the snippets you hear in this track just aren’t enough! His low tones are quite mellow and velvety and deserve more of a showcase.

All in all, this is a solid track. I have a few criticisms but he’s really done a stellar job on this track. It will be interesting to see how his debut album will sound (it’s due to be released early next year). I give it 8/10.


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