Top 10 Male Pop Artists of All Time

Over Pop’s ninety year life span, many extraordinary male artists have been discovered. From the early days of jazz and blues, to the rock ‘n’ roll era of Elvis, well into the today’s age of the funky and groovy music of Bruno Mars, this genre has been developed and constantly challenged by many male artists. So, without further ado, here are my top 10 male pop artists of all time!

10. Robert Plant

 Robert Plant Album Art 
The lead singer and lyricist of Led Zepplin has been rockin’ for over forty years now and shows no signs of slowing down. He has been so influential in the rock world that many other well-known lead singers have taken inspiration from him. His wide vocal range and great stage presence affords him my tenth spot.

9. Ray Charles

 Ray Charles Album Art 
This groovy man had more hit songs than one can imagine. With his talented singing and piano skills applied to many different genres including soul, blues, jazz, pop and country, it’s difficult not to include him in my top ten. 

8. Elvis Presley

 Elvis Presley Album Art 
He may have been known for his good looks, but this rock ‘n’ roll legend had a fantastic voice as well as a whole day celebrated in his name. Not only this but his music is still being re-released today. 

7. Michael Jackson

 Michael Jackson Album Art 
Starting his career at an early age with his siblings, Jackson is now heralded as the King of Pop. With hits like Bad, Thriller and Black or White, this guy changed the industry and inspired a new generation of singers and dancers.

6. Stevie Wonder

 Stevie Wonder Album Art 
A man famous for his piano skills and producing groovy tunes like Superstitous, Mr Wonder really has been a wonder. Beginning his career as a kid, this man has probably written more songs than many artists today. 

5. Prince

 Prince Album Art 
Responsible for one of the most catchy songs in history, When Doves Cry, this artist lives up to the title of performer. His falsetto is iconic and as a consequence there are not many people who can actually sing his songs. Of course he deserves a spot on my list!

4. Jimi Hendrix

 Jimi Hendrix Album Art 
Arguably one of the best guitarists the world will ever know, Hendrix changed the game for every rocker in his short but meaningful lifespan. Not only this, he was actually a half decent singer. 

3. Bruno Mars

 Bruno Mars Album Art 
Not only are his songs catchy (see Uptown Funk) but his performances bring houses down. 

2. Muse

 Muse Album Art 
Like I said in my Top 10 Artists of All Time, SPACESHIP. 

1. Freddie Mercury

 Queen Album Art 
This man lived life to the fullest and his music and performances show it. He was the only choice for my top spot. 


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