TBT 2 become 1 by The Spice Girls

By LJ Coleman

First off, a quick apology from myself- I had promised the primary writer of this blog that I would be writing some TBTs for her, however due to a lovely combination of sickness, busy-ness, and more than just a dash of laziness, I haven’t gotten around to writing anything yet. However, after a few weeks of April being wonderful and filling in for me, I shall now be the writer of the TBT segment. 

This week we’re rolling back to 1996 to remember the Spice Girls hit, 2 become 1.

Nothing quite brings up the nostalgia of the mid 90s like the five English girls themselves. Their song 2 become 1 was released in mid December (perfect timing for the holiday season) and featured on their inventively named first album “Spice”. The song itself has a romantic feeling for those of us who grew up with it, however listening to it now makes us realise that it’s just about a couple who just wants to get it on. It’s no surprise that the Spice Girls themselves wrote this song, along with Matt Rowe and Richard Stannard, during their first professional songwriting session in 1995. The intro with the violins along with the quintessential cheesy vocals ubiquitous to the nineties make this pop ballad seem like the love song of our youth.

All judging aside though, I will forever be belting along to the Spice Girls first album and telling them what I want…what I really really want.


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