Sooth Lady Wine by Matt Corby Review

Released on the 11th, this single is the second from Corby’s upcoming debut album called Telluric. Although it isn’t due to be released until early March, there’s already quite a bit of excited buzz about the new album. Since I’ve already reviewed his first single from the album, I’ll only briefly introduce the singer-songwriter. A contestant on the fifth series of Australian Idol, Corby has released a few EPs since finishing runner-up. After two or three years break to find his sound again, this debut album has been a long-awaited production for his fans.

When it comes to his vocals on this particular track, Corby uses light and shade beautifully. This really stood out to me because the track itself is a tad jazzy, and light and shade in a jazz piece can mean the difference between a solid track and a great one. I thought the chorus effect on most of the melodic line was interesting and really blended with the music well.

The first thing I noticed about this song was how the beat was grouped. It’s not often you see beats grouped asymmetrically in pop music, but this song does (or at least gives the illusion that it is). Also the change in tempo in the third chorus and towards the end provides just enough difference to make the song interesting. I must warn you, when you do listen to this song, probably on the first and second playing, it will be difficult to discern the verses from the chorus. In a way, this is clever because you find yourself listening to it multiple times just to figure out where sections start and end. However, it could also lose some audience members.

Now, I knew Corby would fall under the alternative genre, but upon listening to this track I didn’t realise just how alternative his sound has become. This is in no way a criticism, for me it’s quite a skilful and clever song. It could almost fall under the category of soft jazz. All in all, I’d give it 8/10.


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