TBT Barbie Girl by Aqua

By LJ Coleman

This weeks TBT is taking us back to 1997 with the hit song “Barbie Girl” by Aqua.

This song is right up there in the category of “lyrics I didn’t quite understand until I was 12” (closely followed by “Toucha-touch Me” from Rocky Horror). I mean, of course we can brush Barbie’s hair and undress (then obviously re-dress) her everywhere, that’s one of her selling points! And Kens reference to hanky-panky just flew right over our heads. However, what four year old me failed to realise was that this song was the third single for the Danish-Norwegian pop group and made them insanely popular.

It’s hard not to notice that the people portraying the main roles of Ken and Barbie look nothing like the plastic dolls*, but this only serves to increase the feeling of parody in the song. It was also probably done to avoid major lawsuits with Mattel, although in the early naughties a tantrum was thrown by the company under the guise that the video had made Barbie look like a “Blonde Bimbo” (because apparently she didn’t look like that already). Controversial and stupid lawsuits aside, this song will forever remain frustratingly catchy to the point of annoyance.

*If anyone remembers the bald ken, please send me a picture.


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