Fast Car (featuring River) by Tobtok Review

Released on the 15th of December, Fast Car is the latest track from Swedish DJ Tobtok’s second studio album. The song itself is a cover of a Tracy Chapman single of the same name, with an up-and-coming artist named River providing vocals. Using the same basic guitar hook but including less verses, this version of the song in my opinion outshines the original.

The thing I love the most about Tobtok’s use of the original guitar hook is that he includes it between the main instrumental sections, meaning that it doesn’t actually get annoying like it does in the original tends to. This version is also well-produced and significantly more upbeat than the original. Although the song itself isn’t the sort of song you could listen to on repeat, it is good enough to deserve a spot on a dance compilation album.

When it comes to the vocals, River really makes the melody her own. The tone in higher parts of her register is especially lovely, with her voice lifting the track to another level. Now, I know that the dance genre that this particular song fits into does not usually call for a lot of light and shade in the melody line, but I think if River could have built up her vocals to more of a climax it could have taken the song to an even wider audience (and maybe made the track more successful than it already has been).

I know it’s still early days for this track, but I have high hopes for it. Overall it’s really quite a solid track and I’m giving it 7/10.


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