TBT Strawberry Kisses by Nikki Webster

By LJ Coleman

 Today’s TBT is “Strawberry Kisses” by Nikki Webster!
This song was definitely the anthem of my early primary school years and many dance routines were choreographed to this song along with my squad. To this day, I’m not certain what “strawberry kisses” are other than that they’re so sweet and drive Miss Webster crazy, but who cares!! I just knew that I wanted to experience these kisses.

The then 13 year old Nikki performed at the Olympic opening ceremony in Sydney in 2000 and then her song “Strawberry Kisses” was a hit in Australia in 2001. She later caused controversy in 2005 by doing a somewhat risqué photoshoot for the magazine FHM (photos which would seem rather tame if done today). She caused even more controversy in the following year when she appeared in Anzac Day edition of ZOO Magazine donning a tiny outfit and an army helmet. In 2014, she gave birth to a beautiful baby and we haven’t really heard much about her since.

This song is a difficult one to review without sending myself into giggles because the lyrics are purely ridiculous, and I can barely bring myself to watch the music video with the animated space man, poorly lip synched lyrics and that pink cropped top that she wore (that my mum refused to buy me a replica of). This song is still painfully nineties for me, although I someday wish to send my strawberry kisses on the wind to some deserving person.


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