Work (feat. Drake) by Rihanna Review

Released on the 28th of January, Work is the lead single from Rihanna’s latest studio album entitled ANTI. After many delays, the Barbadian singer finally released her long-awaited eighth album, which was a surprise to the music world as she hadn’t previously advertised when it was to be released. In a Beyoncé-like fashion, this album was released with barely any warning and no real advertising. Featuring Drake, this single is the first and lead track on the R&B album.

As usual, Rihanna’s vocals were faultless. Her softer tone at the end of some phrases was exquisitely displayed, with the singer adding in some much needed and beautiful harmonies in the chorus just before Drake’s verse. Before this song, the only track of Drake’s I had heard was his phenomenally popular Hotline Bling. Much to my surprise, it was in his verse that I realised this guy could actually sing! Not to mention the fact that his and Rihanna’s voices blend so seamlessly. I would love to hear these two sing more duets. So if anyone reading this knows of any other songs they’ve done together let me and everyone else know in the comments!

When it came to the music, I thought it could have done with a little more subtle but interesting effects, or hooks, or something. Really the only clear change I heard in the music (and even then it was pretty subtle) was during Drake’s verse when only the barebones of the music were playing. The addition of the piano towards the end of Drake’s part was good, and probably saved the music (not the vocals, the vocals were fantastic) from being boring.

All in all, this is a good lead single for an album. It isn’t the greatest track I’ve heard, but I do like it. I’m giving it 8/10.


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