I’m Falling by Fourtune Review

Released as a precursor to a new EP called Seduction, this track is probably one of the best R&B pop songs of the past few years. If you don’t know the group, they’re a soulful, nineties R&B inspired band from the US comprised of four members: Kal’L, D. Rose, D. Nell and Chop. Forming in May last year, all four are singers, songwriters, multi-instrumentalists and producers, predominantly inspired by artists akin to Boys 2 Men, New Edition, Usher and Brian McKnight.

When it came to the music, I found the beginning quite interesting. The ‘watery’ sound of the piano and beat plus the rich textures in the track really lifted it to another level and added much needed dimension. Each member of the group produced excellent tones thanks to their well-honed skills and vocal versatility. The highlight of the track was definitely the chorus; the underlying repetitive lyric of ‘I’m falling’ ensures that the song gets stuck in your head, which is an excellent way of reeling in listeners.

My only criticism of the song was more to do with timing than lack of skill or technique. At the very end of the song there’s a very high (and impressive) note which I would have loved to hear earlier on. I felt like I was waiting a little too long for it; I could hear the music building up to it and I was almost afraid it wouldn’t happen. The fact that the note was reached in what seemed to be such an effortless way was quite extraordinary though.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with the track. I’m giving it 8/10.

You can listen to the track here

Check out their Facebook page and Twitter


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