Fourtune Interview

On Friday, the members of R&B group Fourtune kindly agreed to answer some questions in wake of their recently released single I’m Falling. 

So first question, fairly basic so my readers can get know you guys better, can you could describe Fourtune’s sound in five words?
Fourtune: 90’s RNB with a twist.

I know from your interviews at 91.7 that you guys have grown up with strong Christian influences, so what are your earliest memories of music?
Chop: I can remember back to early Sunday mornings when I was a kid. Before church, as my mom was preparing our house hold for church, gospel music and spirituals would echo through our house. The “feel good music” as we called it. We would all try to mimic the harmonies we were hearing; leaving us uplifted.

Do you take inspiration from other vocal ensembles and R&B groups or do you guys have a wide range of artists you love and who inspire you?
D. Rose: We do have artists we love and are inspired by, but whenever we hear good vocal talent, we always critique it and ask ourselves if we can pull that sound off. Can we touch people with this type of music, too? At the end of the day, greatness is greatness. Anything that sounds great inspires us. So I would say a wide range.

Ideally, where would you like the group to be in five years time?
D. Nell: In five years, I feel that more R&B groups will be starting to come out. We are resetting the trend for R&B groups. We are giving the people what they want and need; music that hits the soul.. I see Fourtune on a realty show; showing the struggles and hard work that it takes to make great music. Fourtune will have our own label (Top Four LLC) and sign on other great artist. 

Do you have a creative process when it comes to writing and/or performing?
D. Nell: We’ve had so many ideas just packed in our heads from being solo artists that now it’s time to let them out. We can listen to a song on the radio and can’t help but to add harmonies and fill spaces to make the song better. Being a great artist means thinking outside of the box, so when it comes to our writing and how we perform our music, we just let it flow. Four minds working on one project is a powerful thing. It’s been working for us so far. 

What do you all think is the key to making a good musical group work?
Kal’L: Our group is led by God, first and foremost. Before every rehearsal and every performance, we pray for guidance and perfection. We also see our group as a democracy. Any and all major decisions go through a voting process with Fourtune. If we don’t all agree, we don’t proceed with it. It’s been working very well for us. It keeps everyone in the loop and allows everyone’s voice to be heard. 

Given the huge changes in purchasing and downloading music in the past few years, where do you think the music industry is headed? And how do you feel about how far and how fast musical technology is progressing?
Kal’L: I feel the industry is heading to more independent artists becoming mainstream faster and sooner with distribution deals from the labels. With technology changing every two minutes, I feel CD’s will soon be obsolete and avenues like iTunes and Google Play will be the main sources for purchasing music. 

You can listen to their single I’m Falling here

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