Top 10 Rock Artists

Rock music has been a major part of the music industry as we know it since the sixties. With artists such as ACDC and Jimi Hendrix, and anthems like We Will Rock You,  it’s difficult to imagine life without the genre. So, I decided that I’d look back at rock throughout the years and select some of the best artists to feature in an amalgamation of rock legends.

10. Betty Davis

 Betty Davis 
This woman may not be an obvious choice, but her myriad of skills as well as blatantly in-your-face sexuality really made her the epitome of rock. 

9. Lenny Kravitz

 Lenny Kravitz 
The younger generation would mostly know this talented man from popular book-to-film series The Hunger Games, but his true talent is music. Known for throwing so many different styles into his music, this songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist was huge in the nineties and will no doubt continue to influence the music industry for years to come.

8. Evanescence

They brought metal to a mass audience with great tracks like My Immortal and Bring Me To Life. And really, how can you go wrong with such beautifully haunting vocals?

7. Paramore

They’re probably one of the most popular rock bands of the era, with frontwoman Hayley Williams and such fantastic songs they thoroughly deserve every bit of success they can get.

6. Queen

Every member of the band could write great songs on their own. Imagine what four amazing writers with incredible musical talent can achieve. Their huge anthems such as We Will Rock You, Bohemian Rhasody and We Are The Champions are just the tip of that iceberg.


They’ve produced so much music, enough to fill three Iron Man movie soundtracks. Do I need to say more?

4. Rolling Stones

 Rolling Stones 
They were the first official bad boy rock band and they will always be the greatest. In fact, they’re still alive and kicking… and performing. 

3. Blondie

With founding members Debbie Harry and Chris Slein, this new wave/punk band was a pioneer of the genre. Not to mention the fact that they managed to incorporate so many styles into their music and still keep to punk ‘guidelines’.

2. Led Zepplin

 Led Zepplin 
The band behind the most famous guitar track of all time: Stairway to Heaven. How much more epic can you get?

1. Jimi Hendrix Experience

 Jimi Hendrix Experience 
The band behind the most famous guitarist of all time. Hendrix shaped guitar technique for years to come. A well-deserved first place. 


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