Rolling Stone by Kendall Lake Review

Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Kendall Lake’s latest release Rolling Stone is proving itself to be one of her best. With self-reflective lyrics that portray a phase of life many of us go through, this track is an important stepping stone for the singer’s career. Showing off her airy vocal tones at the beginning of the piece, Lake’s Björk and Madonna influences can be heard in the hypnotic, reverberating guitar parts and the laid back but artsy atmosphere.

I definitely enjoyed Lake’s stronger tone more than her airy one, mostly due to her vibrato sounding pitchy. I also found when she did use her more powerful tone there was a certain Shakira-esque quality about it. Just on this alone it’s clear that this singer has the ability to do some major damage on the pop charts. When it came to the music, I thought there was a little too much reverb on the guitar part, especially at the beginning. I found myself struggling to find the beat, which isn’t the greatest way to kick off a track.

All in all, I enjoyed the song and it’s atmosphere. There were a few little things that could be improved on, but it is a solid track. I give it 7/10.

You can listen to Rolling Stone here and follow Kendall on Twitter


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