Interview with Baby Yaga

Swedish-born songstress Baby Yaga released her debut single Dreamer about a month ago accompanied by an interesting and amazing music video that tells the story of young woman and a faceless man. The pop artist has a definitive eighties influence on her music, noting David Bowie and Peter Schilling as inspirations. She was kind enough to answer a few of my questions earlier on this week.

1. For my readers who may not know of your music yet, how would you describe your sound?
I like to mix pop melodies with sounds people haven’t heard before. I write and mix all my music by myself and I don’t follow any rules. I think that’s why it sounds different. I guess my sound is some type of indie pop with an 80’s fling.

2. I hear you’ve travelled around Europe and America a bit, what has been your favourite place to visit?
My favorite place in the world is my cabin in northern Sweden. It’s in the middle of the forest and has no electricity or water, but there is an outhouse and a fresh water spring next to the property. I could stay there forever…

3. Your debut single Dreamer has quite an interesting music video to accompany it, can you tell us what your inspiration behind the song is?
I got married very young, I was only 19. So I think the song symbolizes my broken marriage. The monster in the music video is the monster that was our marriage. I guess I felt trapped and needed to get out. Oh god, that sounds deppressing. I actually had a lot of fun while filming this video!

**Note: if you’d like to see my review of the single click here

4. Where would you like your music to take you? What would be your ultimate goal for your music?
The sky is the limit, but I don’t really think so much about it. I just do… Stuff. I think it’s bad to try to plan any kind of art, especially music. My songs seem to have their own lives and they take me where I need to go. If other people like them, it’s of course a bonus!

5. Being so new to the music industry, what would you say is the most difficult aspect of breaking into the music business?
It’s difficult to say… I guess the most difficult part is to get people to listen songs more than once. I guess that’s why people want their songs on the radio! Until you have that one song playing on the radio you’re basically invisible.

Check out the music video for Dreamer here

Check out Dreamer on Soundcloud here

For more info on Baby Yaga see her TwitterFacebook, and Instagram


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