Interview with Romance & Rebellion Part 2

4. I hear you’ve teamed up with Stefan Litrownik for your self-titled debut EP, how did that come about, and what has it been like working with someone who’s been in the same circles as stars like Andy Grammar and One Direction?
After working with Stefan, I no longer think of him as the pop-production demi-god that I once did. To us he’s just Stefan. He’s super down to earth and relatable… a friend. He’s a big fan of the band and he comes to almost every show. He and the band just really wanted to create something special with this EP, which I think we did! Stefan is a great producer and when you take great material and pair it with a great producer it’s bound to be a great product. He’s also a drummer by trade and I spent the first 10+ years of my career as a drummer so, we musically click. That could be why the parts are all instrumentally very rhythmic.

I was rooming with a friend around the time that the band formed. Through that friend I met a young audio engineer that was interning at Smash Haus, the entertainment group that Stefan co-operates. They do premium licensing for film and television, and production for a combination of indie artists and pop stars; most notably One Direction. One thing led to another and the EP that I had recorded as a solo artist found it’s way to Stefan at Smash Haus. They called me in for a meeting after a couple of emails back and forth and we decided to record just one track to test the waters. The track we recorded was “Thanks For The Memories” (funnily enough, it’s the last track on the EP). The investors were over the moon at the work we had done and so we just continued to record more songs. After three songs I knew we were making an EP. The band and the EP both came together at the same time. I think that’s why the tunes sound so fresh. We never had time to over think the parts, we were learning them as we went along.
There’s a saying that I hear from time to time. I don’t know who said it first, but it goes something like this: “If you’re the most talented person in the room… find a new room”. I suppose working with Stefan was just that. We found a new room. It’s certainly a good measure of where you are in your career when you are running in the same circles as mega stars. That really wasn’t the reasoning behind working with Stefan, it was more like an added incentive. I think we’re all pretty stoked about the overall end result of working with Stefan. Tentatively the plan is to do the full length with him later on in the year.

5. What was the inspiration behind your new track More Than Friends?
The song was written smack dab in the middle of a month and a half-long song writing period I had embarked on. When I write I like to let everything else fall to the periphery and just focus on the task at hand, creating a great song. I spend days on end obsessing about chords, vocal melodies, harmonies, leads and lyrics. I do recall taking a bit of inspiration from a friend that was playing a show I was also on the bill for. I liked the chording and some of the leading tones he was using on the guitar. I jotted down the chords so that I could experiment with them when I got home. It reminded me of some of Julian Casablancas’ solo stuff. I took the chording and moved it around a little. I write in a primarily pop style format now so, the vast majority of the chords are the exact same throughout the entire song. Writing using minimal chording allows for the vocal melody to evolve in conjunction with the lyrics in intensity.

The lyrical inspiration, I owe to my now wonderful girlfriend. The song is about us and how our relationship came to be. I don’t usually write full songs from an autobiographical POV, but the song just kind of came out that way. It’s happened just like the song says, we started out as just friends. We used to go to see movies together. I used to bring her coffee at work because we’re both caffeine junkies. We eventually both realized we had these feelings, we crossed that line and now we’re together. I think the song is super relatable, I don’t think there’s a person out there who hasn’t experienced a situation like this.

6. Your debut EP is coming out very soon but your band has only been together since late last year, do you guys plan on rolling full steam ahead or are you going to take a bit of breather before getting back into things?
It’s full steam ahead. We’re all firm believers in the reality of momentum. We are already planning for the not so distant future. Plans which include a second music video and single, a tour, and eventually a debut full length album. The buzz around our band has a lot to do with the rapidity of the pacing and the quality of the content being created….meaning we do things fast, but never at the cost of quality.

7. The music industry has always been very kind to pop/rock bands with so many achieving success, how do you guys try and stand out from other bands like yourselves?
I would like to think we are definitely capable of breaking the genre confines of a traditional pop/rock band. For that reason I think we are in a league of our own. I would also like our music to continue to walk the line between pop and pop/rock. Quality songwriting will continue to be a trademark of the band as it grows and will continue to set us apart.

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More Than Friends is available on Soundcloud as well as on YouTube

If you want more info on the band visit their website


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