Wonderland by High Sunday Review

LA based hip hop group High Sunday released the single Wonderland recently as their first foray into the music biz. With two MCs, a saxophonist, keyboardist, drummer, guitarist and bassist in their line up the resulting sound becomes a rounded mix of rap and rock-pop. Eddie Core, Ike Deezl, Nick Fazekas, Evann Lewis, Nicole Row, Drin Elliot and Ryan Evangelista get their inspirations from a myriad of different genres including jazz and funk, and are encouraged by the music of greats like Outkast and Hendrix. With such a talented group of people it’s difficult to go wrong.

One of the great things about this track is the saxophone rocking out in between verses and choruses. I would have enjoyed this so much more if the bicycle bell-like sound that played the minor scale passage throughout the piece didn’t sound so out of place. Although I understood the thought behind the move I think that particular sound was too bell-like for the track. The layered and textual music that was used in the chorus gave the song a classic hip hop feel which was great to hear and overall the track was extremely well produced.

I thought the rapping was completely amazing in the verses. The phonetic device of the lyric ‘ratatat’ was a great addition to the first verse, and I would have liked to hear it more as a key feature of the rap. I also think the first rapper could have said a few words or phrases more aggressively just to give that bit more dimension to the verse. You could very much hear the influence that Eminem had on the second rapper. However, I found myself thinking ‘just breathe man or you’ll pass out!’ which is a testiment not only to his ability as a rapper but his lung capacity. My only pet-peeve of the chorus was the way the first ‘wonderland’ scooped down in pitch, I think staying on the high note would have been much more effective.

Despite some minor adjustments, like more expressiveness or a different sounding instrument, this track is definitely a solid debut for the group. I think with some tweaking to their sound, and of course hard work, they could make waves in the hip hop scene. I’m giving the single 9/10.

To listen to Wonderland hit up their Soundcloud

For more info on the group check out their FacebookTwitterInstagram and my interview with High Sunday


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