Love Ghost EP Review

Nineties-inspired alternative rock band Love Ghost, have been releasing some new tracks lately leading to a new EP. As well as recording some tunes they’ve been pretty busy on the performing front, going on tour with the Tubes and opening for Berlin. The group themselves grew up together and are based in LA, being only teenagers they are already well on their way to success. Their lead single from the EP, Friday Afternoon, is inspired by the famous Smashing Pumpkins and is about the very contemporary and youthful ideal of standing up for yourself. 

On the track, and indeed throughout most of their songs, I enjoyed their use of the violin/viola as it’s always nice to hear an amalgamation of stereotypically classical instruments with rock instruments. In the chorus I didn’t think there was any need for more than one voice to sing the melody, to me it sounded messy and pointless. However, I could tell that the guitarist has a good ear for the dramatic through the amazing solo after the second chorus. Forgive Me showed the complexity of the group’s compositional and arranging skills. The instruments were well-balanced and the change of rhythm was smooth and infrequent enough that it didn’t become gimmicky or predictable. Although I enjoyed the change of tempo at the end of the track, I thought it began too soon and should have been left until two bars before the band finished and the violin/viola took over.

I thought the introduction of the drums in Bones was a little too sudden and unexpected. It needed a bit more warning or build up to the drums in order for the song to flow. Chimpanzee’s time signature was in three rather than four which was a nice change from the other songs. I also liked the quaver triplets at the end of some of the phrases and the classic sustained and distorted guitar at the end. It was nice to hear the familiar sound of a ballad in Mystery Box. This was also by far the catchiest song, with emotionally charged lyrics and democratically balanced instrumentals. I would have liked to hear the melody line start more softly so that the yelling/emotional part was even more pronounced, but the vocal delivery definitely connects with the listener on this one more so than the others.

Love Ghost’s overall musical skill in these tracks are undeniable. I am quite impressed with how talented they are at such a young age (I don’t remember any bands at my high school being this good), and can only imagine how much they’ll improve if they work at their craft. There are a few performance and song-writing issues with their tracks, but their sound is well-produced and unique. I give the EP 7.5/10. 


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