Interview with High Sunday

Up-and-coming rock/hip hop group High Sunday just released their debut single Wonderland. The LA-based group were kind enough to answer a few of my questions regarding their interesting sound, the release of their new track and what the future holds for them.

1. For readers who aren’t familiar with the band, could you tell us a bit about yourselves and your sound?
We’re a seven piece hip hop band comprised of musicians from all around the country. From rock guitars over classic breakbeats, sax and keys over club beats and straight unplugged story telling, our style is limitless and hopefully memorable. As far as lyrics, we cover life… the party, the struggle, and the plan.

2. So the single Wonderland was released about a month ago, what was the inspiration behind the track?
It feels like plenty of people write music about the flashy LA/Hollywood life or “the scene” in general, and not enough of them talk about the darker side of it all. All of the failed dreams, all of the deceit and the feeling that it can all be taken away at any moment.

3. Being your debut track, what has it been like for you guys being fresh faces in the industry? Any highlights or surreal moments?
Our live shows are definitely the highlight of High Sunday. Less than a year after getting together we won the Hard Rock Cafe Battle of the Bands right on Hollywood Blvd. That was surreal. Just playing at all of LA’s legendary venues from the Troubadour to the House of Blues has been unreal.

4. Has developing your musical sound in LA’s music scene impacted your music?
Being around LA’s music scene impacts us in the sense that there are so many amazing musicians out here and it pushes us to try to be more creative, more unique, more memorable…

5. Where do you see yourselves in the future? Do you have any aspirations or goals?

In the future while touring and always putting out new music, we also see ourselves in many more film and TV placements. Our lyrics and music tell a story and it translates well for scores and mood setting. The goal is to reach as many ears as possible. As long as we get to somebody once, we’re sure that they’ll stay wanting more.

To find out more about the group, check out their FacebookTwitter and Instagram

If you’d like to hear their latest track go to their Soundcloud or check out my review of the song


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