OLE by Mightier Than Me

Hailing from New Carolina, Mightier Than Me is set to release their debut album on the second of December and were kind enough to let me have a listen of the first single from the album, OLE. The alternative rock group met at college and recruited two of its members from the local area, combining influences of Nirvana, Slipknot and Sheryl Crow. Featured on local NC shows such as Jared & Katie in the Morning and WKZL radio, the band hope to keep climbing up the charts and achieve greatness with OLE being a step in the right direction. 

The track has a driving beat and a ripping guitar solo but starts off at ten and has nowhere to go. I think it could have benefitted from stripping back the first verse or, the bit just after the guitar solo, to lead into the last chorus and go out with a bang. This would have made all the difference, taking the track from a cool song to a one you put on repeat. However, I did enjoy the low guitar part just before the last phrase in the chorus. I thought the backing vocals in the chorus were frequent enough to be a key feature but not overused so as to become a gimmick. I think the melody could have been varied a little in the last chorus, just to give the song a bit of extra oomph. 

With a few adjustments, mostly to do with arrangement rather than talent or compositional ability, I think this single could be a ripper. If this is the debut for the band, and they keep working at their sound and examining what makes a song popular, they will make waves in the industry. I give the single 7/10. 

To hear OLE click here

If you’d like more information on the band, check out their WebsiteFacebook and Twitter


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