Brandon Stansell Interview: Slow Down EP

Co-written with writer and producer from L.A. MYLEN, Slow Down is the latest EP and single from California Country artist Brandon Stansell. The single which was produced by writer and guitarist Erik Halbig shows the new and exciting emotions of a prospective relationship. Ty Herndon, who is featured on the track highlights the casual sound of the emotional song, which in itself is significant. Brandon is one of the few country artists who is trying to navigate the path of an openly-gay singers. Earlier this week he gave me the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his new EP and the honours he’s received from Storytellers United.

1. Your new single Slow Down featuring Ty Herndon has just been released along with a brand new video clip for it. Tell us a bit about the song and video clip.
Well, Slow Down the song and the project as a whole is definitely a right turn from my first project. I wanted to write something that was both reflective of me as an individual and an artist but also something that was accessible. I co-wrote the title track with LA-based writer and producer MYLEN who also co-wrote Spare Change – the second track on the EP. He was instrumental in helping me bring to life this new sound that I am coming to call my own – California Country. The video for Slow Down was written and directed by Trent Atkinson who has been a friend of mine for years now. Trent also wrote and directed my first video released in February of this year – Dear John. Trent kept saying he wanted to produce a video “as good as the song was,” and I think he more than accomplished his goal. He wrote this treatment that had so much heart – a cinematic meet cute that ended with two strangers falling in love. I read the treatment and loved it, but the video came out better than what was on paper and I credit that entirely to Trent who is as talented a director as he is a writer.

2. The EP from which the track comes from was released about a month ago and the reception has been pretty positive so far, how much has that meant to you?
Since the release in September, the response has been overwhelming positive. I received an email from a fan in East Tennessee who said that seeing the Slow Down video made him feel less alone- like he finally had a voice in the genre he grew up listening to and loving. I have heard from people who have never enjoyed country music but are finding things in this project that appeal to them. There have been so many messages, emails and comments that I have not even been able to respond to them all. So, it’s been a relief and huge compliment to think I have made something that is both meaningful and enjoyable to so many. Releasing this EP has only inspired me to do more.

3. You were recently featured as an Emerging Artist for Storytellers United in their New Faces of LGBTQ Entertainment event, how has this affected your career?
Being a part of the Storytellers United New Salon Series this past week was such an honor. Producer Damien Navarro pulled together some of the most incredible people and organisations, including the It Gets Better Project, to talk about how we can inspire each other to continue breaking the norms in our fields of entertainment. For me, it was so important to be a part of this night where I could see other creators in TV, film, and music, writing and producing material engendering thought and change – positive change in the world. It was inspiring to be around so many other people whose goals were so alike to mine – tell your story, be authentic, and watch it change the world.

4. Any plans for a full-length album in the future? Or possibly some touring?
A full-length record is definitely on the horizon! I keep joking that all I need now is to find somebody who wants to pay for it! I have included a new song in the set list for the past couple of shows and there seems to be quite a lot of people waiting for me to record Man Of Steele, a song I co-wrote with Nashville-based singer songwriter Jeffrey James. I plan to spend the remainder of this year and the beginning of next year writing for the remaining tracks of what will be the full Slow Down LP.

For more information on Brandon and his music visit his website

To purchase the song on iTunes click here and to listen to the EP check out his Soundcloud

To learn more about Storytellers United click here


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