Chantrieri by BREATHERRR Review

Almond Noir is the latest EP from post-psych artist BREATHERRR set to release on Friday (11th November). The musician behind BREATHERRR, Michael Anthony Espinach, fuses psychedic rock with new wave jazz in the lead single from the EP Chantrieri to create an intriguing piece of experimental music. Hailing from Long Beach California, BREATHERRR has opened for artists such as Pictureplane and DJ R.A.W.; Chantrieri and its video are a solid step in the right direction for the artist. 

One thing I enjoyed about the single was how simplicity made it interesting. The first and second verses consisted only of a drum beat and vocals, with a guitar following the vocal line in the choruses. BREATHERRR’s compositional ability shone through as the song subtly built up through the inclusion of rhtyhmic clapping after the second chorus, plus the addition and subtraction of instruments as well as the melody lines and rhythms. I did however, think there could have been some variation in vocal tone. Without it, the track seemed a little too monotonous.

The lyrics, although sometimes difficult to understand, were dark but alluring. It is not absolutely necessary to the understanding of the music, but I found that listening to the track while watching the video clip was a better experience than just listening to the audio. The section after the second chorus, where the clapping is introduced, actually shows BREATHERRR clapping followed by an earthy dance sequence. This was probably the best part of the video: however,  I must admit for the rest I found his amazingly cultivated moustache to be a distraction.  

Chantrieri is a solid debut for BREATHERRR, as it establishes exactly what his sound is and what he wants to achieve with it. My only issue with it was the monotony of the vocal tone, so I’m giving the track 8.5/10. 

To find out more on BREATHERRR check out his InstagramFacebook and Twitter


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