Bedhead Part 1 by Omar Alhindi: Album Review

Born in Central California, Omar Alhindi is a talented Up-and-coming artist on the hip hop scene. Bedhead Part 1 is his latest album, released less than a month ago it showcases the singer’s emotional and smooth vocals. Better yet, some of the proceeds from the album go towards the American Cancer Society’s Stay Strong campaign. With vocals as flawless as his as well as his obviously kind heart, there’s nothing more you could ask of a young musician.

The lead single from the album, My Intentions, had so much potential. The lyrics were memorable, the melody was catchy but it was overshadowed by the amount of musical layers put on the track. As a listener, the end of the choruses where there are multiple vocal lines was cluttered and messy, making the part of the song  which is supposed to stick in your mind too confusing to remember. I think if the vocal line that was sung in unison with the guitar was the only melody (the chorus of Rihanna’s Kiss It Better is a prime example), it would have been so much more memorable and certainly less jumbled. I also didn’t like that a touch of autotune was put on Omar’s voice. He didn’t need it. It’s clear within the first few seconds of hearing his voice that it is versatile with a smooth, velvety tone. That is something you don’t mess with; his voice is great the way it is. 

The next track goes back to simplicity. A much better, more polished feeling than My Intentions. Don’t Take My Love Away needed a bit more variety between the verse and chorus instrumentally, although the third verse did do this (and it was groovy!). After a few slow and emotional songs, Dance All Night was a nice change. It was upbeat, with the chorus effect in the vocals and the rhythmic clapping that was introduced in the last third giving the song a great animated feel. Unfortunately, the same let’s-over-complicate-the-song mistake was made on the track Neverland. The amount of instrumental layers in the first chorus should have been saved for the last chorus, with the first two thirds of the song staying simple and gradually leading up to a banger of a chorus. The lyric ‘neverland’ is repeated while Omar sings the melody of the chorus; I think this should have been left to an instrument as I found it to be too much to listen to at once. The saving grace of this song was Omar’s outstanding falsetto and the chilled rhythms of the ukulele. 

My only criticism of Mine Tonight was the darned tambourine! I felt like I was listening to a song outside on a hot summer night and crickets had decided to start chirping to the beat of the track. It may have been better to use a cool bongo rhythm instead of the chink-sound of the tambourine. Lust was musically consistent with the album but lyrically different, and I loved it. I thought the chorus effect on the ‘ohs’ in the chorus was a little cheesy, but the sexiness of this song was certainly a winner in my book. Stay Strong is where you really here Omar’s soul. It’s a heartfelt message, it’s simple, it’s authentic and it’s the best song on the album. In my opinion, this should be his musical vibe. It would be simple enough to add some suave hip hop beats or a bit of upbeat instrumentation to this sound and he’d absolutely kill it. 

This album does have its faults, mostly in the musical arrangement, but by the end Omar found his sound. I really think this guy could go on to be as good as Usher one day if he just works at his craft and finds his musical ear. I give the album 6/10. 

To hear the lead single from the album My Intentions, click here

For more information on Omar check out his websitefacebook and twitter


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