High Sunday: EP Review

LA based hip hop group High Sunday are releasing their debut self-titled EP on the 2nd of December. An eclectic mix of rap and rock-pop, the talented group of MCs, singers and musicians get their inspiration from a myriad of different genres including jazz and funk. The EP is a showcase of their varied influences, with jazzy sax hooks and deeply relatable content the tracks are sure to get audiences on their feet.

The chorus in the EPs first track Wonderland used layers to texturise the music, giving it a classic hip hop feel and overall, the track was extremely well produced. I thought the first rapper could have said a few words or phrases more aggressively just to give that bit more dimension to the verse, but in general the rapping was crisp with enough variation in rhythm to drive the track home. Behind the rapping in each verse of Let Go was a synthesised sound which on its own would have been groovy, but a simple pitch-bending effect lifted this hook to new heights. In fact, the whole track was made up of small but interesting effects and sounds that made the atmosphere one of ingenuity. 

Hip Hop Anonymous Album Art

An acoustic guitar was featured in Get There which was a refreshing sound for the EP and the group. I enjoyed the lower and middle registers of Jaq Lion’s voice and would have liked to hear more of the melody in that range, especially as it seemed that his higher register wasn’t getting the same support from the diaphragm. Hip Hop Anonymous took a more gritty edge than the previous tracks with a distorted guitar and rebellious lyrics. The chorus was unique in the way that it almost sounded like a reporter was announcing a story on the 6 o’clock news. It was this and other innovative techniques that made the EP a multifaceted work. 

High Sunday’s debut EP is a work of originality and ingenuity. There were a few aspects that could have been changed or improved but the basis of each track was solid. I give the EP 8/10. 

For more information on High Sunday, check out their FacebookTwitter and Instagram


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