Armor Love by The Urban Renewal Project and Gavin Turek Review

The Urban Renewal Project is a thirteen-piece band that practise elements of rock, pop, jazz and hip hop in their latest work called 21st Century Ghost. It is in this same album that many guest singers, rappers and musicians feature on the tracks, including Gavin Turek in Armor Love. The group themselves have enjoyed moderate success being a highly sought after band in LA, playing with comedian Rob Riggle and performing on Fox NFL twice. 

The first thing I heard was the conga drum introduction, and from that moment I knew this was going to be a groovy song. The whole vibe of the track was Big Band with a side of Caribbean Jazz. I thought the instrumental verse was a great touch and it made sense for a track that so heavily featured a brass section to dedicate a whole verse to showcase their sound. However, I think this part could have been cut in half or changed up a little, because it seemed to drag on and become repetitive in the second half. 

At the end of every chorus, the melody on ‘ah ah armor love’ was incredibly snappy. Although I did love the way Turek used a wide vibrato on the very end of notes which gave a whole new, gritty dimension to the melody, I thought some ad lib could have been added here and there. With the purely instrumental verse and the build up of tension, I was expecting a bit of vocal ad lib in the last chorus. Not so much that it became a gymnastics tournament, but just enough to make the song pop.

The Urban Renewal Project and Gavin Turek have worked extremely well together to create this track. It’s full of vitality and soul, and with a few minor performance-based adjustments the song could quite easily bring any audience to its feet. I give the song a 9/10. 

To hear the single click here

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