My Reflection by King Washington Review

Based in LA, King Washington have recently used their classic indie rock sound to open for Arctic Monkeys and release a new single entitiled My Reflection. Members Tyson Kelly (vocals, guitar and keys), George Krikes (guitar and vocals), Billy Lee (bass and vocals), and David Contreras (drums) combine folk, indie rock and sixties soul to create their own unique sound described as ‘New California’. With such success and a polished sound, great things are in store for the group. 

My Reflection is a soft rock track making very little use of synthesised sounds. It wasn’t the kind of song that subtlety created tension to slowly lead to a climax, instead it was a creative endeavour that experimented with sounds and musical atmospheres. It was a well-thought out composition that had strong influences from Muse, and I found no fault in it.

Probably one of the highlights of the band’s sound is their lead singer. His natural tone is shaky but not because it isn’t well supported, it’s just the way it is and it really suits the genre of rock as well as the band’s sonic atmosphere. One aspect of the song that I really enjoyed occurred during the chorus. Not only was the harmony on the melody reminiscent of classic rock, but the chorus effect on the ‘woahs’ was a great touch and a natural progression from the harmony. 

Overall the song is a quintessential indie rock tune. There is no big bang, just the natural flow of creative juices. I’m giving this one 9/10. 

To hear My Reflection click here

For more information on the band, check out their Facebook PageTwitter and Instagram


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