Out of My System by Taylor Noelle: EP Review

Young songstress from LA Taylor Noelle released her latest EP on the 25th of November to an outstanding reception. Out of My System debuted at number twenty-seven on the iTunes singer-songwriter charts. The musician herself has played numerous gigs in her local area at esteemed venues such as The Listening Room, Third and Lindsley, The Country and Café Coco. In her music you can expect a slice of Fleetwood Mac, Tori Kelly and Adele, as well as a dash of classic American country. 

The EP starts off with a catchy break up song. Too Good employs a danceable rhythm in the guitar and strong, confident vocals from Noelle. The chorus is different enough and memorable enough from the verses that the track doesn’t become too repetitive. I Fall is by far the stand out track of the EP. The melody flows beautifully and has an auror of subtely. Only bits and pieces of harmony are added to the track, with the cello part adding another dimension to the piece. My only criticism of this song is that the melody on the lyrics ‘I fall’ aren’t changed from chorus to chorus. It is especially important in a classic acoustic ballad for the music to progress to a certain extent and I think changing the melody of the last chorus a little would have accomplished this.

Out of My System by Taylor Noelle Album Art

The last two songs of the EP are a little weaker than the first two. Won’t Waste My Time makes good use of semitones in the melody leading into the chorus, but the transition from duple to triple time is not as smooth as it could be. Listening to the last track, I enjoyed the interesting rhythms in the instrumental part before the chorus. The synth sounds in the beginning of the song are subtle enough that they work with the song; however, I find the guitar solo to be a little out-of-place within the musical context of the track.  

It is clear that Noelle is a talented composer purely from the immediate success of the EP. There is definitely still room for improvement which will most likely come with age and experience. I give the EP 8/10. 

For more information on Taylor Noelle check out her Twitter and Facebook

To hear the single from the album, I Fall, click here

To purchase the EP go to iTunes


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