Forgiven by Marga Lane Review

Forgiven is the latest track to be released from folk singer-songwriter Marga Lane’s upcoming EP Undressed set to release in just under twenty-four hours. The New Yorker made the bold and courageous decision to move to LA to chase her ultimate dream, and it seems as though she is well on the way to realising it. Lane’s music has a purpose: to present a sound that is simplistic and back-to-basics. In Forgiven this is done by scaling the instruments back to the bare minimum and conveying an honest but regretful message about lost love. 

Almost from the very beginning of the track, you can hear the folk influences in her songwriting. The violin uses characteristics of folk music such as slides and ornaments, with the guitar strummed consistently and simply. Lane’s vocals are clear and precise as she uses her tone to create a stabilising and reflective atmosphere. Harmonies are subtly brought into the song here and there in the second verse before being completely introduced in the chorus that follows. The third verse brings the track back to the beginning and teeters on the edge of returning in full force and staying reasonably restrained. This seemed odd to my ears. I think it would have been better if the piece had ended with one or two choruses performed softly, or a crescendo leading to a spectacular finish over the course of three to four choruses. 

Despite this, Forgiven is a refreshingly simple and authentic song. It is clear that the lyrics and performance of the track are heartfelt and with a slight change to the ending, it has the potential to be absolutely gut-wrenching. I give it 9/10. 

To hear Forgiven check out her Soundcloud

For more information on the singer, visit her TwitterFacebook Page, and Instagram


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