Interview with Mauro

1. For my readers who may not be familiar with your music, can you describe your sound and your inspirations?
My sound is eclectic. Ever since I started my compositions have been manifestations of my reality, outlook and who I am. I’ve gone from pop/rock, ballads, acoustic, dance, electronic and so on. I inspire myself to compose music.

2. As I understand it, you’ve been interested in the arts since you were young, what is your earliest memory of music?
I always knew I belonged to the arts and my artistic background dates back to when I was a kid continuously creating in fields such as drawing, painting, acting, writing and singing. My earliest memories of music would be when I was 4 years-old playing the drums at my house.

3. One of your latest releases, Dubstep Heart, has had great success on Soundcloud. How has such a positive reception effected you as an artist? Does it motivate you to write more and improve your musical skills?
I wrote and recorded ‘Dubstep Heart’ with the purpose of painting myself in a poetic/pop fusion. This song is about a syncopated heart that never stops throbbing despite the vicissitudes. The creation of this composition aims to send light to people who have dealt with adversity and keep smiling through it all. As an artist I had the need to put it out. This release was bigger than me and what I was writing at that time. I’m happy with the outcome and yes, it motivates me to keep writing and recording. I think every release of mine is a cycle in my existence and once it’s out there the cycle gets closure, the message was delivered. The process starts again onto the next era.

4. What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome as a young artist in your career so far?
I consider it would be the fact that I’m young and it seems hard to believe I can write my own songs and create my own art. I’ve been a music artist since I was 10 and I’ve been in charge of every artistic element related to my music from writing, recording, producing to photography, visuals, stage presence, you name it. I’ve been asked who writes the music and lyrics for my songs, if someone helps me; the truth is from the beginning it’s always been just me with my guitar or the piano with a notebook in the recording studio.

5. Lastly, what are your plans for the immediate future? Is there an album in the works, or any gigs/tours?
Yes! There’s an album in the works. I’ve entered a new cycle in my career and I’m currently composing every single day. I have found new horizons in my new music that make me very happy. I’m also planning on touring but I would like hit the recording studio first.

To hear his music, visit his Soundcloud

To find out more about Mauro, check out his WebsiteTwitter, and Facebook


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