Woman by Diana Gordon Review

On the eighth of December Diana Gordon released the music video to her track Woman; a powerful story about the power of femininity. It’s part of the singer’s project called The Legend of which aims to portray Gordon’s life story. The video itself features five pregnant women in their last trimester, and in Gordon’s words the aim of the activity was to ‘capture the incredible beauty of this ancient magic called the creation of life’. With rock ‘n’ roll and R&B influences, the track is sure to get stuck in your head. 

The melody of Woman is incredibly catchy. Both the verses and choruses employed some great rhythms and meshed R&B with indie to create a unique old-school sound. The vocals in this are not particularly melodious which really highlights the powerful lyrics and rhythm. The video has a retro sixties vibe with big fur jackets and a black and white setting. One of the recurring scenes was of a never ending tunnel, possibly symbolising the endless love and strength of a woman. My favourite part of the video was the way the pregnant women were portrayed and their facial expressions. There was something about them that announced royalty and grace.

All in all, this track has all the makings of an anthem. The only adjustment I would have made would have been to add another verse just because it felt too short. However, I did enjoy it very much. I’m giving it 9/10. 

Watch the video for Woman here

For more information on the singer check out her TwitterFacebook and her Website


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