Walking Around Purposely by The Captain’s Son Review

The Captain’s Son have managed to give listeners a sneak peak into their upcoming EP with Walking Around Puposely. If you haven’t heard of the trio (Paige Byrd, Jarred Hayden and William Hopkins) and you enjoy a bit of classic Beatles and Beach Boys, you’ll love this group. With melodious guitar, chilled vocals and catchy rhythms their vibe is beachy without coming across as too lazy. Their self-titled EP is due to be released on the tenth of March and takes inspiration from many places, with the band explaining that “anything from the culture, the weather, the scenery, or the people (we’re) with will influence what we write.” With all that in mind the band are set to have some of the most relatable tracks of the year.

From the very get-go in Walking Around Purposely you can hear the ease in which the band finds their vibe. The syncopated rhythm in the guitar and the change of tempo in the middle section show how well these guys compose. The broken chords used sporadically throughout the song were a very obvious tribute to their California surf roots and were coupled with some great drumming. Although there was no real build-up in the song, the fact that the rhythm and tempo changed then slowly reverted back was enough of a rollercoaster to keep me interested and entertained.

The vocals were completely and utterly perfect. Although it was no Freddie Mercury performance the vocals felt so at-home with the music, like chocolate ganache on a chocolate sponge cake. What made it fit so well was the almost conversational style of singing. Instead of singing with a generic American accent like 99% of artists do, it was sung in a more natural spoken accent. My only complaint was that the vocals were not in the foreground enough during the change in tempo, making the melody more difficult to latch on to. 

I was really impressed with The Captain’s Son’s style and vibe. There was really only one detail I would have changed, the rest was seamless. I’m interested to hear what their EP will sound like. I give the song 9.5/10. 

To hear the track click here

For more information on the band check out their Website

To follow their movements check out their FacebookInstagram and Twitter


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