The Desolate Hour by A Thousand Hours

Formerly a part of Swain, new band A Thousand Hours are set to release their debut EP in a month or two with The Desolate Hour the lead single from the project. Their sound comes across as spellbinding, slow and eclectic with the lead singer’s airy tone and fascinating instrumentation and effects. It’s the sort of music that you relax to. If they continue with the calibre of musicality that is shown in the single, their debut EP is sure to be a good listen.

The first thing I noticed about the track was the broken chords played by a string instrument. I’m not sure whether it was the effect on the instrument, but I just couldn’t tell what the instrument was! This at least made the song memorable, although I thought it was a little loud throughout most of the song. It was an excellent move to add another melody on this instrument as well. In fact, the whole song was constructed expertly in regards to layering. I also thoroughly enjoyed the vocal harmonies introduced in the chorus, a throwback to the days of Swain. 

For a first glimpse into a new band and their sound it certainly is a revealing one. Although there were some production issues, I am interested to hear what the EP will sound like. I give the single 8/10. 

Have a listen to the track here

For more information on the band check out their Facebook Page

To hear their tunes, visit their Bandcamp or Soundcloud


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