The Sunset and The Coalpit/Foundations by Baum Jr Review

Electronic artist Baum Jr will release his latest singles on the 3rd of March entitled The Sunset and The Coalpit and Foundations. The former is written and performed by the British artist, with the latter a cover of popular punk band from East London called Apologies, I Have None. Next-Gen 8-bit is the latest electronic craze which Baum Jr is becoming a master of, meaning you can expect to hear flashbacks to eighties game and film soundtracks entwined with contemporary synth sounds and some classic rock beats. 

When The Sunset and The Coalpit began I wasn’t sure where it was going to go. The way it started ensured it could have gone the hardcore rock route, or the indie electronic route. It took the latter, with the driving drumming pattern following the rhythm of the lyrics and a spectacular build up of synthesised layers. One thing I did notice was that Baum Jr tends to sing some of his syllables with an extra ‘h’ in them (for instance ‘si-hince’ rather than si-ince). Although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing in the realm of popular music, it is something that should be kept to a minimum lest it get too pop-punk for some. I also thought that the ending could have ceased when the vocal line did, rather than adding extra sounds to drag the track out. Foundations was an interesting piece, although I myself couldn’t get into it as much as The Sunset and The Coalpit. I think if the vocals had been softer at the end there would have been more of a build up within the song and it would have flowed better. However, I did enjoy the addition of a second melodic line made up of fourths, fifths and sixths towards the end. 

Baum Jr certainly has vast amounts of talent when it comes to composing and arranging music. I think he needs to work on adding more light and shade in his voice, as well as knowing when the right time to use it in performance practice is. Overall I give The Sunset and The Coalpit 9/10 and Foundations 6/10. 

To hear his music, check out his Soundcloud

For more information about Baum Jr follow his Twitter and like his Facebook Page


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