Eric King: EP Review

Up-and-coming hip hop artist Eric King released his new self titled EP, and with his style described as ‘Renaissance Era hip-hop’ his sound is sure to interest the community. With influences such as Michael Jackson and Nas, as well as a student of poetry, rap is certain to come naturally to the artist. Eric has also previously cited one of his greatest influences as his mother as well as his faith, and with that mindset his music has the potential to speak to many people. 

The EP begins with The Greatest where Eric’s rapping ability is on show. His verses get aggressive but not in an in-your-face way, having just the right amount of antagonism without being on the nose. I didn’t enjoy the chorus as it sounded tacky and amateurish. However, it would have sounded great if he’d just rapped it. I thought the end section with the piano and bells would have worked better as an interlude, possibly something to think about in future projects. Boston City Dreams was an amalgamation of very separate ideas. It came across as quite artsy but I had difficulty following it. The next track was slower in tempo which showed off how seemlessly Eric changed rhythms in his verses. The auto-tune was definitely a good choice for Trillionaire, it evened out his tone and worked with the synth sounds employed throughout the track. Lift Me Out Of The Dark And Into The Light started off with two voices that had obviously had their pitch changed (one lowered one lifted). It was grating. It would have worked if the voices were in tune with the music, but they weren’t. The saviour of the track was Eric’s rapping ability, something that seems to be quite reliable.

I think when it comes to Eric’s rapping he has so much potential and talent. Some of his musical choices were great, but they were overshadowed by poor choices. I give the EP 6/10

To hear Eric’s music check out his YouTube ChannelSoundcloud and Bandcamp

For more information on Eric check out his TumblrTwitter and Facebook Page


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