New Gods by From Kid

Swiss duo From Kid plan to release their new album Favourite Storm on the 7th of April with the lead single New Gods out now. Andrin Berchtold and Gian Reto Camenisch produce an easy listening electro pop track incorporating airy vocals with a dreamy guitar melody to highlight “the contrast between an urban world and a rich nature.” With that in mind, their album is set to be a great success. 

The track begins with simple guitar notes on every up beat and a vocal melody. Since there weren’t many instruments and sounds in the first verse I found it difficult to pick up the beat, which could have been avoided if one note was played on the first down beat of every bar and the second on the up beat. I loved the introduction of the electric guitar after the second chorus playing a hazy melody over the top of the last chorus. The vocals had an airy but powerful and controlled tone, and what was refreshing to hear was the slight variation on the American accent on words such as ‘last’. This was especially relevant seeing as the duo are not in fact American and singing in as close of an accent to their own in a different language, while still being understandable to native English speakers, is a feat in itself.

From Kid have a great polished sound. Their music is individual enough to be recognisable but still fits nicely within the realms of electro pop. Although there was one little thing that I didn’t like about the track, I still give it 9/10. 

Listen to the single here

You can pre-order their album on iTunes

For information on the duo check out their WebsiteFacebook PageTwitter and Instagram


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