Won’t Give Up On You by Laura Jean Anderson

From Olympia in Washington, Laura Jean Anderson has released the video to her latest single Won’t Give Up On You. The singer combines folk and rock to convey stories of change and to inspire people to be forces of nature in a harsh world. Laura has said that this particular song was written to remind people that “you cannot give up on other people just because they give up on you.” So far she has gotten her message across through media like NPR, CBS, LA Weekly and Bitch Magazine, and hopefully her positive messages will keep being heard especially in the political turmoil that has plagued her home country. 

The track began with Laura playing some bass notes on her guitar as a simple backing to her vocals. It wasn’t until the very peak of the song that the rest of the band was introduced, but it was well thought-out with her vocals becoming more intense as the band became closer to joining in. The singer herself has an interesting quality to her vocal tone, which is extremely useful when it comes to listener recognition (you always know when it’s Adele or Rihanna singing for the same reason). It was clear that she either has bucket-loads of natural talent or an excellent vocal teacher as her intonation was tightly controlled and each phrase thoughtfully sung. The video itself was simple, just the single angle of her singing into the microphone. What was clever is that it didn’t show other perspectives, so you weren’t sure whether it would just be her and the guitar or if there were other musicians waiting where you couldn’t see them. 

 Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the song. Usually I would have liked to hear more of a gradual lead up to a climax, but her singing was so well executed that I found I didn’t really need much of a transition from her and a guitar to a full band sound. I give the song 10/10. 

For more information on Laura check out her Facebook PageTwitter and Instagram


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