Breaking The Code by This Human Condition

This Human Condition is an electronic duo from Bristol who released their debut album PROJECT ZERO in early April last year. Jamie Jamal and Mister Minchie formed the band in early 2015 but had worked on many projects together before, including a song for the Rugby World Cup. In June 2015 they released their debut EP and have been working on their craft ever since. What is interesting about Breaking The Code in particular is the inspiration behind it. Upon hearing about the posthumous royal pardon of Alan Turing they decided to compose this track in honour of the code breaker. 

The original track took me back to PS1 gaming. Some of the sounds were, at least for me, reminiscent of games like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro but others were ultra modern synth sounds. What was great about the track was that it was very clearly sectioned off musically, especially just after the first chorus where there’s a pause in the music before it gets into the second verse. My only issue with it was the clicking sound on the beat in the section just before the chorus. It sounded too much like the evil and conniving metronome (for non-musicians, this basically means an endlessly ticking pressure cooker that teachers use to keep their students from slowing down or speeding up). This could very well just be my personal preferences, but that sound should be used sparingly otherwise it may get on the listener’s nerves. 

Contrastingly, the Sauerwelt remix had an ultra-modern club feel. It was more about the music than the melody and words, with a distorted metallic effect on the occasionally occurring vocals. Although I did like this sound and thought it was a perfect fit for the music, there were too many vocal phrases included for it to be really effective. The track also went on for about thirty seconds longer than needed, it would have been more effective if it was shorter. However, I did enjoy this version and in my head I was envisioning it playing in one of those movie sequences where the main characters construct or plan something for their final battle. The LPF remix was different yet again. It had a dream-like quality with major chords and upbeat feel. I also think it was slower in tempo than the other two, although the dream-like state may have made it sound slower when it actually wasn’t. 

It was a great experience listening to the same track performed in different styles. I didn’t have a preference for any as they were so well produced and arranged that the sound was smooth and captivating. There were a few things I would have changed in each track but it probably boils down to personal preference. I give the original 7/10, the Sauerwelt remix 8/10, and the LPF remix 8/10. 

You can listen to  Breaking The Code here and buy it on iTunes

For more information on the band, check out their WebsiteTwitter, and Facebook Page


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