7 Circles by The Black Delta Movement: EP Review

The Black Delta Movement are a five-piece psychedelic garage rock band from the UK. Their sound is unique because two members are drummers, giving their sound an added depth and much more rhythmic variation. From the moment of their first performance at Hull’s Freedom Festival seven years ago, the band have worked long and hard on perfecting their sound. This persistence has paid off in their latest EP 7 Circles

The EP began with the title track, which was in a primarily verse format. Each strum on the off-beat completely fit their psychedelic feel with the song having a very instrument-orientated sound. Charlie Don’t Surf used heavy distortion on the guitar but didn’t overuse it to the point where it became overwhelming. My only issue was with the way both tracks ended. Like everyone else I enjoy a good rock song that ends on a sustained guitar note or chord, but I think doing this twice in a row was a bit much. Possibly shaving a few seconds from each ending or shuffling the songs around on the EP might have made their songs less predictable. The last track, Southlands, played on fourths and fifths and had a late era Beatles sound. The best part was the guitar solo, a high energy finish for the EP.

The Black Delta Movement certainly have a lot of talent. Although there were only three tracks to listen to, I thought they used their instruments well and brought just the right amount of psychedelic intensity to their sound. I give the EP 9/10. 

To listen to BDM’s music click here

For more information on the band, check out their Website, Facebook Page and Twitter

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BDM Touring Dates

5 thoughts on “7 Circles by The Black Delta Movement: EP Review

  1. This is awesome, thanks so much for sharing! I haven’t heard of this group until now, but I truly feel that I need to do some homework.

    What would you say are tracks that I for sure need to listen to?


    1. I’m glad you’re interested in the band! Definitely Southlands, the last track on their EP. Loved that one, reminiscent of the Beatles. But the second track, with the fourths and fifths really captures their psychedelic sound. Really just depends on what you’re musical taste is.

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