New Sound by Save Ferris featuring Neville Staple

Ska-punk band Save Ferris have been out of the game for a while, but are back with a shiny new EP. The band had some success in the nineties (you probably know them from the film 10 Things I Hate About You), and after a fifteen year hiatus they’re back with ska legend Neville Staple helping them out. Checkered Past was released on the tenth and the lead single New Sound definiely prepares you for some groovy but hard-hitting music. So if you remember these guys go check them out, they’re touring around the US for the next few months (see dates below). 

It’s not often that you hear a Caribbean rhythm played by a punk band, but that’s what you get in New Sound. I thought the way that the band remained the main focus but brass was still included here and there was a clever way of making their sound pop (as in the sound ‘pop!’ not the genre). The song itself is groovy enough that it doesn’t need to start at a lower energy level and progress to a high intensity, it just carried its own. I thought Monique Powell performed very skilfully. Her vibrato was great, she only used it at the very end of her longer notes which added that extra bit of class to the tune. She also sung a few ‘rumbabas’ over choruses and before verses. It’s these sorts of little additions to a track that add so much more depth and feeling, and on her part it was very well done. Not to mention her voice sounds great with Staple’s. 

I really loved this track and I would not change one thing about it. It’s catchy and it spans two genres, ska and punk, which curiously blend together so well. It’s clear by listening to the track that their new sound signals a new beginning for the band. I give the single 10/10 

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Here are the dates for their upcoming tour of the US: 


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