Interview with The Black Delta Movement

1. You guys describe your sound as psychedelic garage rock, how did you develop your uniqueness in a genre that spawns so many bands these days?
I’m not sure really, we just kind of do what we do and hope for the best. We listen to so much different music that I suppose the contrast in styles maybe gives us that “BDM sound”. Our music generally reflects what we’ve been listening to at the time.

2. As I understand it, there are two drummers in your band, how did that come about and how has it effected the band’s dynamic?
It all came as a bit of a happy accident really – Joe’s old band weren’t playing a festival that we were so we said “fuck it, come play second drums with us. It’ll be a laugh” and it just kind of stuck. Seeing bands like Thee Oh Sees, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard and Modest Mouse made us pretty excited and we wanted to have a go at it. When he initially joined it was just to beef things up but we’ve started working with polyrhythms and generally just using it to fill in frequencies that were empty before. Who knows who will be our sixth member! Ha!

3. Your latest EP Seven Circles has been pretty successful so far, did you develop a process when you were writing/recording? Or does the music come more naturally?
In a sense all of our recording processes have been different but this time we worked with Gavin Monaghan and he brought a whole different dynamic to the table. This was mainly the way we recorded the drums – drums first and cymbals separate. Turns out it’s how QOTSA recorded Songs For The Deaf and it got a real clarity to ’em. It was a nice, different way of working!

4. You’re about to start touring around Europe, what are you looking forward to the most about this trip? Also, is there anything you’re not looking forward to?
A tour of Europe has been on the cards for some years now so we’re just buzzing to have it finally announced and in the diary. Our tour last year was our biggest so far so we learned a lot of harsh lessons from that one, namely just how to adjust to the hours and mix of emotions that comes with touring. We’re all super excited for it though, it certainly won’t be our last trip over there! We’re keen to see and play in as many parts of the world as we can!

5. Given the current political turmoil that we’re seeing in the world these days, as musicians how important do you think music is not just to speak out against wrongs but also as a form of escapism? Have any of you used or related to music in this way?
Truthfully, I don’t like to get too political with my music – I think it should be used as a method to separate yourself from the shit going on around us. I’ve always seen it as an extension of my own emotions and somebody else to relate to. Certain songs like Southlands and Charlie Don’t Surf have a political edge to them but it’s more of a commentary than an excuse to preach. The beauty of music is that it can all be interpreted differently – if it makes somebody feel good or reminds them that they’re not alone that’s a really beautiful thing and I’d like to stay true to that.

Thanks to Matt Burr, lead singer, for answering my questions.

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