Nowhere (feat. Chyler Leigh) by East of Eli

East of Eli comprises of Nathan West, who released his second single from upcoming album Lost Transmission on Valentine’s Day. He invited his wife, Chyler Leigh of CW’s Supergirl, to feature on the track stating that her vocals were “to create a haunting vocal presence that would represent the idea that when you are alone and you think about your lover, they are thinking of you.” His music has been garnering success, being recognised with American Songwriter, as well as performances at House of Blues and Soho House. Lost Transmission is intended as a heartfelt way of documenting his family life with songs dedicated to his three children, especially son Noah who struggles with ADHD and Autism. With such awe-inspiring goals in mind, Nowhere was is set to be a major success. 

The track starts out with atmospheric chords and Nathan’s strong tenor vocals. What was great about the composition of the song was that it created and resolved tension without building to a huge moment. Not all tunes need that big splash of a key change or big note, but if the tension is not built and released at the right moments it fails miserably. This track was successful in the respect that it satisfied the ear’s need for anticipation. Nathan and Chyler’s vocal tones blend well together, being opposing in a sense that the former has a solid and stable tone and the latter has an airier and softer vibe. This opposition works in their favour, both when they’re singing together as well as when their vocal lines interchange. 

I really enjoyed this track and have nothing to criticise about it. The sentiment behind it is authentic and heartfelt, just like the composition of the track. I would have liked to hear more of Nathan’s vocal range as I believe he has great vocal potential, and I’m sure this will be included in Lost Transmission. I give the song 9.5/10.

You can listen to the track here

For more information about East of Eli check out their WebsiteFacebook PageTwitter and Instagram


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