Pink Aliens by Druidian Pink: EP Review

From New Orleans, Druidian Pink are a heavy psychedelic rock band that comprises of guitar, bass, drums and some vocals. They cite many sub-genres of rock as their influences, such as garage, surf and even doom. The band has played in venues such as Siberia, Saturn Bar and Gasa Gasa and clearly work well together to create a sound with such diverse shades of rock. Their latest EP Pink Aliens was released on the tenth of February and is a six track work that is themed around its title. 

One of the first aspects of this band’s sound is the vocals situated more in the background than what most are used to. This meant that your attention didn’t necessarily focus on the lyrics but instead on the trance-like rhythms of the guitar and bass. Cult of the Pink Aliens used radio tuning sounds, a great way to portray the lyrics in a subtle way. I thought the first few bars in Black Magic weren’t really needed, the track could have started with the staccato guitar chords straight away which would have avoided the song sounding too similar to the previous one. I liked how the guitar followed the same melody as the vocals in certain places; however, I think it could have just been used on the lyrics ‘black magic’ to make the main idea stand out more.

Endless Maze was the first track where I really noticed how effortlessly Druidian Pink changed rhythm and tempo. Although the song carries on for a little too long for my taste, the diversity in this track and ones to come was a highlight of the EP. The next track had an interesting chordal sequence and melody to go along with it. For me, it was at this point that I wondered whether they had a particular fondness for progressive rock as I was reminded of the classic song Roundabout by Yes. I enjoyed the intuitive rhythms of the guitar just after the two minute mark in Tye Dye Rain, and the simpler more psychedelic feel of the last track. It was a great ending to the EP, like they were tying in all their roots to create a solid and complete ending.

I think there were a few little things that could have been improved on in this EP. Some of the songs were unnecessarily long and I think breaking songs up into smaller ones, or creating a new song from the instrumental sections of others would have been a better approach. There is strong evidence that this bad has potential, with their wide range of influences and willingness to try new things. I give the EP 7.5/10. 

To listen to the EP click here 

To listen to their other tunes check out their Soundcloud

To find out more about the band, check out their Website and Facebook Page


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