I Won’t Live Until I Die (feat. Justin Nozuka) by Morgan Cameron Ross

Canadian Morgan Cameron Ross is both a musical artist and a visual artist that has had much success in the past individually as well as with the band Bellwoods. He spent his university years listening to folk tunes as well as political punk music (an eclectic musical mix, but not quite as polarising lyrically). His plan for this year is to write tracks that are truer to himself and what he wants to communicate to his listeners. I Won’t Live Until I Die featuring Justin Nozuka’s vocals and co-written with Bobby Bazini, is his first step towards this goal.

One thing that you need to know before you watch the video that goes with the track is that it’s actually an art tutorial. Some artists that feature their content on YouTube have taken to writing their own songs to provide background music for their videos (mostly to avoid copyright issues). It enables a creative person like Ross to showcase both his love for painting and music in one hit, which is pretty economical! There is also an opportunity to explore feelings and thoughts through two different mediums to better connect with the audience, which is what I’d absolutely love to see Ross do in the future. 

As for the music, it was a fairly standard country-pop tune. The rhythm and melody were simple, and the guitar solo understated. When paired with the right lyrics, this choice can elevate the emotional level of any song ten-fold. Nozuka’s intonation was impeccable. Although it can be difficult to tell how well someone can sing from one track that doesn’t have risks in it, I wouldn’t mind betting this guy has an amazing vocal capacity solely owing to the strength of his middle range. 

I feel like I would need to listen to a whole album of Ross’ songs to understand his full potential. Since there aren’t any stand out aspects of the song itself, it’s difficult to judge. Regardless, it’s obvious this guy has quite the creative spark. I give the song 7/10. 

If you’d like to listen to the single, I Wont Live Until I Die click here

For more information on Ross, check out his Facebook PageTwitter and Soundcloud


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