Skunx! When Ska and Punk Collide Vol 1: Album Review

You may remember my review of Save Ferris’ new single that mixed punk and ska music and how absolutely blown away I was by the cool vibe of the amalgamation of genres. Well, I have more! Skunx! When Ska and Punk Collide Vol 1 is a compilation of some of the best tracks in the genre, put together by punk label Vicious Mistress. This is a great way to get a general idea of the artists of the genre, a starting point for those (like me) new to the scene. Since I haven’t reviewed a compilation album before and I’m fairly new to this kind of music, instead of my usual detailed music critique I’ll be giving a shout out to anything I found interesting. 

Aspirin Morning’s track YSHBA has a happy go-lucky feel to it, but the lyrics and vocals are completely the opposite. It’s actually quite a unique way of blending a fairly positive, laid-back genre with one that rebels against conformity. The Hempsteadys had a complexity in their music that made the tempo and rhythms in their song a roller coaster of a ride. My Choice by Bitch’N’Dudes was probably one of the most punk songs on the record, not just musically but lyrically. 

Hermits of Suburbia feature briefly with their track Happy Pill Nancy which was short and sweet and encompassed both ska and punk with an intriguing twist. Dead City Riot’s Steps We Take had a surprising eighties feel, and Dead Rejects used gritty vocals with some great punk-style lyrics. The lead singer of No Person has a great feel for the genre, singing random words more aggressively than others in the track Cleavers Go Cutthroat. 

I was fairly impressed by the range of approaches bands take to this genre. I would definitely recommend this album as a starting point for both ska/punk as well as new, indie punk bands. 

To hear this album and some of their other projects, check out Vicious Mistress Records on Bandcamp

To find out more about Vicous Mistress Records check out their Website and Facebook Page


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