Where Do We Go From Here by David Mark Bulley 

David Mark Bulley is a singer-songwriter from London who released his Purge-inspired music video on the first of March. The production itself was filmed by Thompson Cinematics, who managed to wrangle thirty five actors from the London College of Music to act in the video. As you may have gathered, it is in a short-film style and features a group of people trying to survive an extended period of time without any laws or consequences. Bulley has said that the message behind the video is about being unafraid to be yourself, which is not a far fetched theme when one looks into his music which draws on his personal experiences to portray sympathy and honesty. Where Do We Go From Here has already caught the attention of many with over 50,000 views and with his strong fan base in both his home country of the UK and Poland, his work is sure to continue on. 

The video begins tentatively on the characters’ parts, accompanied by an heavily distorted guitar riff. It’s clear just by the audio that something is about to go down, and not in a positive way. The guitar ceases and a siren goes off signalling the beginning of the chase. Eventually Bulley is caught and faces down a gang of shady people, where he is forced to make a decision to fight or die. The music that accompanies all this drama is fairly consistent without any devastating climaxes; however, there is an extended moment of silence where the main character (Bulley) contemplates whether to keep fighting or give in. This was extremely effective and made me wonder whether that pause was included in the single/audio version of the song, and how effective (and long) it was. I was impressed by Bulley’s ability to transition from his chest voice to his head voice, it sounded effortless on his part which is no mean feat. 

I thought the music video for this single was quite striking and metaphorical. The narrative was backed by many musical techniques including the heavily distorted guitar and an extended silence. I would recommend listening to the song with the video first to understand the lyrics, without it the song carries itself but not to the same effectiveness as the music video version. I give the single 7.5/10. 

For more information on David check out his Facebook Page and Twitter 

To hear more of David’s music, go to his YouTube ChannelVevo and Spotify


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