No Sleep by Vox Eagle

Andy Crosby and Luke Hamel are an electronic dance duo from Australia and America who have released No Sleep as a lead single from their upcoming EP. Vox Eagle constructed their EP by going on the road and recording their experiences through song. What is rare is that the pair had complete control of the music, writing, performing, recording and mixing the songs so that their ideas and intentions weren’t misconstrued by others. No Sleep includes atmospheric chords and almost avant-garde effects and sounds but still maintains a mainstream feel, making the single accessible but unique to their own sound. The band has begun to make waves in the music business, receiving airtime on Triple J who are famous for their Unearthed segment where they feature small Australian artists, setting up their EP’s premiere for late May. 

The video itself depicts the duo as cool, laid-back dudes on a road trip to Las Vegas. From their clothes to their gestures and car, their vibe is confident but easy-going. I enjoyed the conversational tone to the melody of the verses, a technique which contrasted with the immaculate falsetto that was employed during choruses. The music was reminiscent of the brand of electronic pop that is highly regarded in Australian music today, and could easily be put alongside Flume’s music as a party hit. Although the track didn’t really go anywhere like those great big climaxes in eighties ballads, it didn’t need to because it was so damn catchy. 

Overall I really liked listening to the tune. I’m excited to see what the duo have in store for their EP. I give the single 10/10. 

To hear Vox Eagle’s music, visit their Soundcloud

For more information on the duo, check out their WebsiteFacebook Page and Twitter


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