See You Again by John Adams

You may remember John Adams from my review of his previous single Things That Make You Beautiful a couple of weeks ago. If not, all you need to know is that he is a talented singer-songwriter who appeared on X-factor and busked across the U.K. to fund his debut album The Pavement is My Stage. In this single, named See You Again, Adams proceeded with the goal to produce a track that was different to the guitar-orientated works of popular artists of his genre. Instead, this song sees a more choral feel with very few electronically-produced sounds. Adams has previously described the creative spark that set this track in motion, stating that he “wrote the song when a friend’s dad passed away, (he) wouldn’t consider (him)self a religious person but the only words (he) can ever find to comfort the people left behind is the hope that there’s a heaven”. 

See You Again has a fairly simple underlying structure. The beat is straight forward and the chords are nothing fancy, which paves the way for the vocals to shine. The track also has a subtle build up where only the vocals and the beat sound in the chorus after the third verse, afterwards crescendoing to include all instruments and voices to drive the narrative home. The first verse mostly featured Adams’ voice with certain phrases distinguished by the soft tone of a female voice working in harmony with his. Adams’ tone stayed quite indie but took on a stronger feel when the choir of voices joined with him in the choruses. This, the echo effect on the vocals, and the call-and-response which featured in some parts of the chorus, brought out a gospel side to Adams that wasn’t present in Things That Make You Beautiful. I found the video itself intimate and colourful (literally not figuratively), focussing on Adams but at different angles whic made the music stand out more than the visuals, like the video was only there to help the track not make the track. 

Yet again, Adams has delivered in his second single from his upcoming EP set to release in the middle of the year. See You Again shows another side of the artist, and I only hope we get to see more sides of his music in the EP. I give the track 10/10. 

You can buy his single on iTunes 

For more information about John Adams, check out his WebsiteFacebook Page and Twitter

If you’d like to read my review of Things That Make You Beautiful click here


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